Hanover School Division maintains strict catchment areas in order to ensure a balanced enrollment across the division and the viability of all schools.

School age children living with a parent or legal guardian have the right to attend the designated school in the catchment area where their parent(s) or guardian(s) reside.

The Steinbach Regional Secondary School is considered the designated high school for Grade 10 - 12 students from New Bothwell, Blumenort, Kleefeld and Mitchell. Grunthal, Niverville and Landmark students attend high school in their home communities.

Schools of Choice Regulations:
Any exception to catchment must be made through application for School of Choice.

This application must be made by May 15, for the next school year. Exceptions will only be made if space permits.

A student that moves to a new catchment area within HSD during the school year may be allowed to finish the year as a temporary School of Choice student. In no case will transportation be provided for School of Choice students.

Students moving outside of HSD must transfer to their new school division when they move.op Down M


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Hanover School Division
Catchment Boundary Map



Families that move from one catchment area to another during the course of a school year may leave their children in their present school until the end of the current year, however, no transportation will be provided. The student would be expected to switch to the designated school at the beginning of the next school year at the latest.

In some cases, a student may be allowed to stay in the school they were attending. In order to qualify for such an exception, parents would be expected to submit a Within-Division School of Choice Form by May 15 of the current year. Approval of School of Choice status is dependent on enrollment counts and class sizes and does not include transportation.